Functions of Carding Machine

What is carding?

Carding may be defined as the reduction of an entangled mass of fiber to a filmy web by working between two closely spaced, relatively moving surfaces clothed with sharp wire points. It is the most important factor for spinning; for this reason, carding is called the heart of the spinning mill, and “well, carding is half spun” demonstrates the immense significance of carding for the final result of the spinning operation.

We know that fiber is the raw material for making complete, saleable garments on the market. In this regard, fibers need to undergo a sequence of processing. Final products may be yarn, fabric, or cloth; to get this, the first step of processing is spinning.

The spinning of natural fiber may be carded, combed, or rotor-type. Generally, cotton is the most common product all over the world. The cotton spinning process is completely different from synthetic fiber spinning methods.

This operation is done after the blow-room process. The Blow Room product is a lap or chute; after carding, we will get a carded sliver. The carded sliver feeds the drawing frame for making the drawn sliver.

Carding Machine

Functions of Carding Machine In Spinning Process

Carding is done for both carded and combed yarn. For every type of yarn production, carding is a must. The following are the functions of the carding machine: They are-

  • Firstly, carding is done for the individualization of the fiber.
  • Secondly, parallelization of fiber is also done by carding action.
  • Thirdly, remaining impurities and dust are eliminated by carding action.
  • After that, neps of fiber were also disentangled by carding action.
  • Short fibers are also eliminated by carding action.
  • Therefore, fiber blending is done by carding action.
  • Then, fibers are oriented by carding action.
  • Sliver formation is also done by carding action.
  • Lastly, to facilities, the next drawing frame action is another function of carding.

The main functions of carding machines are mostly similar for all types of fiber. But the shapes of the carding machines are different from one another. If we consider cotton carding machines and jute carding machines, then we will find that both are different from one another. In cotton spinning, carding is done in one machine but jute spinning fiber needs to pass two carding machines One is the breaker card, and the other is the finisher card.

Carding machine manufacturers are trying to improve the present features of the carding machine. If carding is not perfect, then it will affect the next process. Spinning efficiency also depends on well carding. For this reason, one should give most concern to the carding of fiber.

So, the carding machine is essential for making carded, combed, or rotor cotton yarn and other fibers.

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