Types of Garment Defects | Causes and Remedies of Defects

Garment Defects

Garment defects can be defined as the absence of desired features in the product or unwanted features in products or features existing in a distorted or wrong way. A defective product is not desired by any man. Defective products lose their value in the market. A product may contain different defects.

Apparel manufacturing is the most sensitive stage because it is the last stage of manufacturing before marketing. The entire consumer wants to get a product that is free of any types of defects. For this reason, manufacturers should be aware of the defects in their products. In every stage of manufacturing, various types of mistakes can occur. So we should know the defects of garments, for which they occur, and their remedies.

Another term close to defect is reject. Most of the people related to the garments section are familiar with it. A product becomes a reject when it loses its salability in the market. Rejection of garments is harmful to the manufacturers. A single defect in the most visible area of a garment may make it a reject. So, we have to know why a garment becomes rejected.

Garment Defects

Types of Garment Defects

Garment defects are of two types. They are-

  1. Non sewing defect
  2. Sewing defects

Causes and Remedies of Garment Defects

Different types of accessories are used in apparel manufacturing. There are mainly two types of defects found in apparel. There are non-sewing defects and sewing defects. The following are the causes of garment defects, and if we can find out the garment defects, then it will be easy to remove those defects.

Non-sewing Defects

The following are the nonsewing defects of apparel. They are-

  • Firstly, defects due to faulty materials, like fabric, buttons, zippers, etc.
  • Secondly, defects due to the wrong pattern or wrong marking
  • Thirdly, garment defects are due to wrong spreading or wrong cutting.
  • After that, defects were due to the wrong bundling.
  • Then, defects due to staining and oil marks
  • Defects in garments are also due to wrong ironing and wrong folding.
  • Lastly, defects due to wrong packing, etc.

Sewing Defects

The following are the sewing defects of apparel. They are-

  1. Skipped Stitch: Missing in loop formation and speed variation in feed dogs is the main cause of these defects.
  2. Staggerd Stitch: This type of defect occurs on thin needles. If needle size and thread count are not matched and the needle is displaced, then this defect will also appear.
  3. Unbalanced Stitch: This type of defect appears due to uniform thread tension.
  4. Variable Stitch: If the feed dog is not on the right track, then this type of defect occurs.
  5. Open Stitch: This type of defect occurs due to a blunt needle and the poor strength of the sewing thread.
  6. Needle mark: The needle is one of the main elements of sewing. When wrong stitching arises, then this defect arises.

So, defects can be from one type of cause or both. Anyhow, if we can control the cause of defects, then we can control the rejection of final products. The quality control department of the industry should give emphasis to it. In every step of manufacturing, the quality department should check the quality of the product. When any type of defect appears in the product, they should take the necessary steps to deduce the rate of the defect.

Lastly, a manufacturer wants a defect-free product that can satisfy consumer demand.

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