Difference Between Diamond And Diaper Design

Diamond Design And Diaper Design Diamond design and diaper design are both generally used to produce different decorative home textiles. Therefore, special types of loom are required to produce this design. Both designs are large in size and the repeat unit is nice to see. Following that, I have written about the comparison between diamond … Read more

Characteristics, Uses Of Diamond And Diaper Design

Diamond And Diaper Design Diamond and diaper designs are the two most important twill derivatives. Basically, both designs are used for producing attractive and decorative fabrics. Following that, I have written about the features of diamond and diaper designs. Characteristics Of Diamond Design The following are features of the diamond design: They are- Uses of … Read more

Features, Types, And Uses Of Herringbone Weave

Herringbone Weave Herringbone design is one of the derivatives of twill weave. Hence, herringbone is a broken twill weave. It is basically a V-shaped pattern. However, this weave pattern is arranged into columns, with the lines in each column facing in opposite directions. Features Of Herringbone Weave The following are characteristics of herringbone weave: They … Read more

Zigzag Twill Weave: Properties, Types, And Uses Of Zigzag Twill Weave

Zigzag Twill Weave Zigzag twill is the most important derivative of twill weave. Various types of ornamented designs are done with this type of twill. When the twill direction frequently reverses at suitable intervals either across the width or along the length, Zigzag twills are produced. Basically, it is the combination of S twill and … Read more

Factors Affecting The Prominence Of Twill Weave

Twill Weave Twill weave produces diagonal lines on the face and back of the fabric. For this reason, its structure is not as comfortable as plain weave. The prominence of the twill fabric is one of the important factors. Factors Affecting the Prominence of Twill Weave: There have some factors which affect the prominence of … Read more

Properties, And Uses Of Twill Weave

Twill Weave Twill weave is the second major design after plain weave. A weave that repeats on three or more picks and produces diagonal lines on the face of the fabric is called a twill weave. Twill weave can also be defined as “the order of interlacing that causes diagonal lines of warp and weft … Read more