Flow Chart Of Synthetic Fabric Printing Process

Synthetic Fabric Printing Synthetic fabric printing is easier than natural fabric printing. We know that printing flow chart depends on the characteristics of the fiber. In cotton printing, it requires to pre-treat the fabric before printing but in the case of synthetic fabric, it is not essential to pre-treat the fabric because the synthetic fabric … Read more

Polyester Fiber | Physical And Chemical Properties Of Polyester Fiber

Polyester Fiber Polyester is a very important manmade fiber. When it produces with a long-chain synthetic polymer with ester. Chiefly, polyester is produced by the melt spinning process. Additionally, it is the most commonly used synthetic fiber among other synthetic fibers. In the first place, DuPont introduced its Dacron polyester brand in 1951, but the … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Synthetic Fiber Production

Synthetic Fiber Synthetic fiber is that which is made from different types of polymers contrarily it is not cultivated as a natural fiber. Manmade fiber is basically produced from the reaction between different types of monomers. Through the polymerization process, a long chain of polymer is also produced. Then filament is produced by the various … Read more

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