Features And Applications Of Multi Thread Chain Stitch

Multi Thread Chain

Multi-thread chain stitch is important for apparel sewing. Basically, multi-thread chain stitch is classified as class 400 according to the British standard 3871 and ISO 4915:1991. It is generally used in the inseam and side seam of the apparel. It is required to know about chain stitch, hand stitch, lock stitch besides multi-thread chain stitch.

Features of Multi Thread Chain Stitch:

The features of multi-thread chain stitch are given below.

  • Firstly, multi thread chain stitch is formed by two thread system.
  • Secondly, in this process; needle thread is interconnected with looper thread.
  • Lastly, its appearance is different in face and back side.

Applications of Multi Thread Chain Stitch in Apparel Sewing:

Multi-thread chain stitch is used for various purposes in apparel sewing. Followings are the application scope of multi-thread chain stitch.

  1. Multi thread chain stitch is used in jeans pant inseam and in shirts side seam.
  2. It also used for front placket sewing.
  3. Most of the cases, it depends on the buyer requirement.

In sum, multi-thread stitch is done by the multi-thread chain stitch machine. Different sewing machine manufacturers made multi-thread chain stitch machine which is available in the market. You can buy it from the shop or by ordering it online.