Properties And Application Of Chain Stitch In Apparel Manufacturing

Chain Stitch

Stitching is the process of joining different parts of the fabric in apparel manufacturing. Chain stitching is involved with class 100 by the British Standard 3870 and ISO 4915: 1991. Chain stitching is done by a chain stitch sewing machine.

Properties of Chain Stitch:

Chain stitch has some features. Followings are the properties of chain stitch.

  • In chain stitching; same thread is used to interconnect each loop.
  • Stitch can be easily unpicked from the last to the first.
  • Chain stitching is generally used for temporary stitching.
  • The appearance of face and back are different in apparel.

Application of Chain Stitch in Apparel Manufacturing:

Chain stitch is used for temporary stitching. Followings are the application scope of chain stitch. They are –

  1. Chain stitching is done for pocket opening.
  2. It is used for temporary stitching, i.e. basting.
  3. Chain stitching can be used in any where depending on buyer’s requirement.

So, chain stitch is a simple form of stitching.

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