Lock Stitch Formation Techniques

Lock Stitch

Lock stitch machine is used for making various types of apparel. The lock stitch is done by the plain sewing machine. Various types of lock stitch machines are available in the market. To operate such types of lock stitch machines, the operator should have enough knowledge about the sewing techniques. The manufacturer supplies guidelines about the sewing machine operation. Faulty sewing can bring faults in the fabric. So, it is important to know the stitch formation techniques of a lock stitch sewing machine.

Stitch Formation Techniques of a Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

The techniques of stitch formation of a lock stitch machine are given below.

  1. At first, material feed to the needle over the throat plate.
  2. Then, the needle is inserted into the material.
  3. After that, as the needle moves upwards from its lowest position, the needle thread forms a loop which is caught by the point of the hook.
  4. Again, the hook enlarged the needle thread loop and is guided around the bobbin thread.
  5. Then, interlacing begins.
  6. Finally, the take up lever tightens the stitch into the material and the material is fed forward.

So, the lock stitch is formed by the above stitching techniques of the plain sewing machines.

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