Features Of Lock Stitch | Uses Of Lock Stitch In Garment Sewing

Lock Stitch

Lock stitch is the widely used stitch for stitching fabric. According to the British standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, the lock stitch is classified as class 300. Lock stitch is the most common mechanical stitch formed by the sewing machine. Plain sewing machines are used for lock stitch formation.

Features of Lock Stitch:

The features of the lock stitch are given below.

  • Firstly, lock stitch has a widest application in garment sewing.
  • Secondly, lock stitch is formed by two different thread systems.
  • Thirdly, in the sewing techniques; a needle thread is interlaced with the bobbin thread.
  • After that, face and back has same appearance.
  • Lastly, the stitch is difficult to unpick.
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Features of Lock Stitch

Uses of Lock Stitch in Apparel Sewing:

The uses of the lock stitch are given below.

  • Lock stitch sewing machine is ideal for formed underwear, ladies wear and other cloths.
  • It can be used for making any type of apparel.
  • Especially it is used for collar, front placket, bottom hem etc.
  • It also used for make shirt, pant, dresses etc.

The application of lock stitch is higher than chain stitch and hand stitch. Different types of lock stitch machines are available in the market.

So, select your sewing machine brand for getting the advantage.

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