Types of Fabric Used In Garment Manufacturing


Fabrics are the basic materials in apparel manufacturing. Basically, fabrics are produced in the fabric manufacturing mill in grey form and they are not suitable for cutting. So it needs to finish the fabric. Therefore, the fabrics which are ready for marketing and ready to cut in apparel manufacturing are called finished fabric. In fact, finished fabrics are used for garment making.

Types of Fabric
Types of Fabric Used In Garment Manufacturing

Types of Fabric Used In Apparel Manufacturing:

The garment is a basic need of humans. There are different types of fabric and garments available in the market, The following are the most used fabric types for apparel manufacturing. They are-

Different Types of Woven Fabric

Woven fabrics are suitable for their various types of design. Following are the most used woven fabrics in the apparel industry.

  1. Plain Fabric
  2. Twill Fabric
  3. Satin Fabric
  4. Solid dyed Fabric
  5. Yarn dyed Fabric
  6. Printed Fabric
  7. Buckram Fabric
  8. Cambric Fabric
  9. Casement Fabric
  10. Denim Fabric
  11. Cheese Fabric
  12. Chiffon Fabric
  13. Kashmir Silk
  14. Chintz Fabric
  15. Corduroy Fabric
  16. Muslin Fabric
  17. Crepe Fabric
  18. Sheeting Fabric
  19. Drill Fabric,
  20. Flannel Fabric,
  21. Gabardine Fabric
  22. Georgette Fabric
  23. Mesh Fabric
  24. Khadi Fabric
  25. Lawn Fabric
  26. Velvet Fabric
  27. Organdy Fabric
  28. Poplin Fabric
  29. Tissue Fabric
  30. Taffeta Fabric

However, various types of woven apparel are made from the above fabrics. The Following are the most used woven apparel:

  1. Shirt
  2. Pant
  3. Coat
  4. Dresses
  5. Jacket
  6. Panties
  7. Bra

Different Types of Knit Fabric

The following are the different types of knit fabrics that are used in the apparel industry for manufacturing ready-made garments. They are as follows.

  1. Single Jersey Fabric
  2. Double Jersey Fabric
  3. Burn Out Jersey Fabric,
  4. Rib Fabric
  5. Interlock Fabric
  6. Pique Fabric
  7. Lacoste Fabric
  8. Fleece Fabric
  9. Solid dyed Fabric
  10. Yarn Dyed Fabric
  11. Printed Fabric

Knit apparels are popular with all classes of people. Following knit apparel is produced in the apparel industry.

  1. T-Shirt
  2. Polo-Shirt
  3. Trouser
  4. Sweater
  5. Underwear
  6. Skirt

So, there is a lot of apparel produced in the apparel industry.

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