Features And Uses Of Button Hole Sewing Machine

Button Hole Sewing Machine

Buttonhole sewing machine is used to make a hole in the button of apparel. Various types of a buttonhole are formed by the buttonhole machine. Apparel may contain one or more buttonholes. The style of the hole depends on the button. The entire button has not the same shape. So, it is important to use the correct buttonhole sewing machine for making the buttonhole.

Features of Button Hole Sewing Machine:

The features of the buttonhole sewing machine are given below.

  1. A button hole sewing machine is a straight or shaped slit cut.
  2. The material is cut either before or after the sewing machine.
  3. The button hole is cut before sewing on non fray fabrics.
  4. Sewing is performed before cutting tendency to fray.
  5. Adjustments to the control cam and the gear drive after the stitch density and button hole length.

Uses of Button Hole Machine:

In the following cases, a buttonhole machine is used.

So, a buttonhole machine is important for buttonhole sewing.

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