Important Points For The Selection Of Sewing Needle


Needle plays an important role in sewing. Hand sewing and machine sewing are two sewing techniques for garment production. In modern times, huge garments are sewn with the help of a sewing machine. During sewing, the needle passed through the fabric and connected two or more parts by producing loops between these two. Various types of needles are available in the market.

Sewing Needle Selection

It is very important to select the right needle for the right operation. If the needle size does not match with the fabric character and the sewing threads then it may cause the sewing quality and make a huge loss. So, it is essential to be concerned about the needle size. Needle size expressed in metric and it is denoted by Nm. Needle size is expressed by measuring the diameter of the blade. Say, if the diameter of the blade is 0.7m the needle size will be 70Nm. So, one can buy the needle by using this system.

Important Points for The Selection of Sewing Needle

Needle selection is important for sewing. There are different important points for the selection of sewing needles. They are:

  • Firstly, for the finer fabric, needle and sewing thread should be finer.
  • Secondly, if the needle is finer than sewing thread then the thread cannot move easily through the needle.
  • Thirdly, if the sewing thread is courser than needle then it will generate more friction. This will generate heat. For this reason, thread breakage increase. It will hamper the production rate.
  • If we use finer needle than sewing thread then the sewing thread will not take position perfectly at the needle long groove.
  • In the other hand. If the thread is finer than the needle then it may cause slipped stitch at the needle. The needle will fail to create perfect size of loops.
  • All in all, if the needle is finer than required fabric then sewing needle will deflect and become curve with the action of throat plate. A production officer does not expect this.

However, from the above point, it is clear that; needle must match with the fabric and sewing thread. The perfect combination of fabric, needle, and sewing thread can give fault free sewing.

So, be careful during needle selection for the sewing operation.

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