Common Components Of A Garment Sewing Machine

Sewing machine is essential for garment making. Various types of stitching are done by the help of sewing components. Different types of stitching are done by different sewing machine. All of the sewing machine is not same in model and functions. But all have a common structure.

Basic Components of a Garment Sewing Machine: Basic components of a sewing machine are given below.

  • Head
  • Horizontal Arm
  • Vertical Arm
  • Bed Plate
  • Working Width
  • Working Height

Above components form the simplest form of a sewing machine.

Following components are available in a sewing machine. They are –

  1. Spool Pin
  2. Thread Guide
  3. Tension Disc
  4. Take Up Lever
  5. Needle Bar
  6. Bobbin Case
  7. Presser Foot
  8. Presser Foot Lifter
  9. Stitch Regulator
  10. Bobbin Winder
  11. Fly Wheel
  12. Clutch or Thumb Screw
  13. Slide Plate
  14. Needle Plate or Throat Plate
  15. Feed Dog
  16. Face Plate
  17. Spool Pin for Bobbin Winder

Above components which are listed here that is common for hand sewing machine, treadle sewing machine or electric sewing machine.

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