Features Of Throat Plate Of A Sewing Machine

Throat Plate

A throat plate is a basic component of the sewing machine. Sometimes it is called a needle plate or stitching plate. It is a flat metal piece below the presser foot. A throat plate is placed under the machine’s needle and presser foot. The throat plate has an opening for the needle for stitching and an opening for the feed dog to emerge from below and forward the fabric towards the needle.

The throat plate has a small opening in the plate that allows the bobbin thread to come out and the needle to pass through to make stitches during sewing. However, it is noticed that throat plates have small lines notched to the right of the presser foot therefore that uses as guides for seam allowances and for sewing straight lines. Additionally, it can be removed for cleaning the parts.

Singer Throat Plate
Features of Throat Plate

Image Source: Singer Sewing Machine

A throat plate consists of:

  1. Slit
  2. Needle Hole
  3. Screw

Features of Throat Plate

A throat plate has some features. The features of the throat plate are given below.

  • Firstly, throat plate is a static component.
  • Secondly, it contains slots for feed dog.
  • Thirdly, it has one or more holes for the needle.
  • Lastly, the upper surface of the throat plate is highly polished.

The basic function of a throat plate is to pass out the fabric over this area as smoothly as possible. So, the throat plate is an important element of a sewing machine.

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