Different Properties Of Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread

In apparel manufacturing; different types of sewing accessories and finishing accessories are used to sew the fabric. Sewing thread is the principal sewing accessory. Different types of sewing thread are used for t-shirts, polo-shirt, trousers, or another garment sewing. A sewing thread should have enough sewability and durability for ensuring the long life of the apparel. Here, I have written about the properties of sewing thread which should have a sewing thread.

Properties of Sewing Thread:

Sewing thread is important for garment manufacturing. Different properties of the sewing thread give better efficiency of sewing operation. So, it is important to know the properties of sewing thread. The following are the properties of sewing thread that we should know before selecting the sewing thread. They are-

  • Tensile Strength
  • Loop Strength Ratio
  • Tenacity
  • Loop Strength,
  • Elongation at Break
  • Minimum Loop Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Stress-Strain Curve
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Shrinkage
  • Colorfastness

Essential Requirements for Sewing Thread:

The sewing thread should fulfill the following requirements. They are as follow:


This type of property should have during the sewing of the fabric. How can we measure the sewability of a sewing thread? It is very easy, we can sew 100 yds or meters by the sewing thread, if no breakage that means it has sufficient sewability.

  • Firstly, not breaking when used for high speed sewing.
  • Secondly, the thread has to have sufficient surface smoothness.
  • Lastly, thread must have a uniform diameter.


The durability of the sewing thread should be excellent. Durability is measured by considering the following points.

  • Firstly, the thread must have sufficient elasticity on seams during wear.
  • Secondly, thread shrinkage should be minimum.
  • Lastly, thread has to maintain its original color after clearing process.

Types of Sewing Thread:

We know that core-spun, cotton, and polyester sewing thread are the main sewing thread which is mainly used for sewing. Various types of multi-fly sewing thread are produced by the combination of different fibers. I think that also important to improve the properties of sewing thread by research.

So, ensure the properties of sewing thread and get better sewing efficiency. Otherwise, various types of garment defects could be appearing for the sewing thread.

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