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Jute Products

Jute products are eco-friendly, and they are safe to use in everyday life. So we need to know the features of jute goods. Basic jute goods are available to use consequently for environmental safety. At present, this world is unsafe and unhealthy for different types of problems. But who is responsible for that? The simple answer is that we (mankind). Day by day, we are creating this worst situation. Also, this earth becomes hot because of our ignorance. In addition, we use such products that are not environmentally friendly. We are increasing the use of synthetic products, and as a result, it creates different dangerous and harmful diseases for the human body. To repeat, we are not aware of our environmental safety.

Features Of Jute Products

Natural products are safe for the environment. In this view, we can think about jute products, which are, in fact, natural fibers. The product, which is made from jute, is safe for us. Now I want to say why we use Jute products according to their features. The following are the features of jute products:

  1. Firstly, jute fiber is a natural fiber.
  2. Secondly, jute and its products are bio-degradable.
  3. Thirdly, the products of jute are eco-friendly.
  4. Then, jute products can be reused.
  5. It has not been harmful to the environment until now.
  6. After that, the jute product is easy to handle.
  7. Moreover, jute products can be used for heavy purposes.
  8. Also, decorative product are produced from jute.
  9. In the meantime, jute products can be dyed with dyes.
  10. Finally, with modern technology, jute can be used with cotton to produce decorative wear.

In sum, above all are the properties of jute goods.

List of Jute Products

Jute fiber is the raw material. Jute fibers are used to produce different types of products that are available in the local and international markets. Different jute goods manufacturers are trying to improve the quality of jute goods. Jute goods are common in the market. They are-

C.B.C. (Carpet Backing Cloth):

This is one of the most valuable goods of jute. It uses as the carpet backing cloth. High-graded raw jute uses to produce it.

Hessian Cloth:

Hessian cloth is a plain weave cloth which produces from a single warp and weft of jute. It uses for making bags or as a cover to pack the materials. It uses in agro-based industries for packing rice, wool, tobacco, coffee, potatoes, tea, onion, wheat, and many more. Also, it can find in roll form which uses to cover different things.

Hessian Bags:

Hessian jute bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. It uses in different types of packing. It is highly durable and eco-friendly.

Sacking Bags:

Sacking bags are the main product. It uses to pack food grain, sugar, fertilizer, cement, etc. Generally, it uses to pack heavyweight, ranging from 50 to 100 kg. Different types of sacking bags are available named A Twill, B Twill, B Nola, Hy. Cess, D.W, Flour, Cement Bags, and others depending on buyer’s requirement.

Twine yarn:

It can be single or multiple flies. Also, it can be in grey or dyed form. Winding performs in conical, cylindrical, or cone-less spools form or hanks form in order to buyer specifications. It uses in the cable industry, carpet industry, and many more.

Geo Jute:

It is extensively used to protect soil from washout. It is used in riverbanks or dams to protect its soil from washing out in rainy seasons. Day by day its demand increases because it is eco-friendly.

Sand Bags:

It is made from 100% natural jute fiber and it is biodegradable. It is used to protect riverbanks from erosion also used in the military and a variety of farm works.


Different handy craft makes from jute which has market demand. Also, it is available in rope form which uses to bind different things.

Furthermore, jute goods produce in grey or dyed form. Also, printed jute goods are available. Different types of jute goods produce depending on buyer requirements.

If we use natural fiber instead of synthetic goods then day by day environment will improve. Not only this jute product but also any type of natural fiber (Cotton, Hemp, Silk, or others) product use.

Most important thing is that, if we use jute product it will effect in root level to the upper level. Farmers who cultivate Jute will inspire to cultivate more jute. Producers of jute goods will inspire. Jute and jute goods related business will spread out.

So, we should use natural products in our everyday chores.

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