Uses Of Jute Fiber || List Of Jute Products

Jute Fiber

Jute is a natural cellulosic fiber. It is fully different from other textile fibers but it is near similar to the flax fiber. Basically, the jute fiber comes from the jute plant and the fiber length is about 0.2 to 30 inches. It is hard and it needs to soften before making yarn from this fiber. Its spinning process is also different from other spinning processes.

The jute yarn delivers from the spinning process has various types of applications simultaneously. Jute is completely safe for the environment for this reason the world’s peoples want to use jute goods in their everyday life. Although, jute goods are cheaper than other textile products.

Uses Of Jute Fiber

Jute yarn is used to produce various types of decorative jute goods. Moreover, the finer qualities of jute are made into curtains and furnishing fabrics. Also, jute can be mixed with wool for fine yarn and fabric production.

Uses Of Jute Fiber

Figure: Application Of Jute Fiber

Familiar uses of jute include the following. They are-

  1. Sacks
  2. Bags
  3. Bailing and bundle cloths
  4. Wrapping
  5. Bedding foundation
  6. Boot and shoe linings
  7. Tailors back packing
  8. Camp beds
  9. Tarpaulins
  10. Cables
  11. Filter cloths
  12. Fuse yarns
  13. Hand bags and all types of stiff bags
  14. Horse covers
  15. Aprons of all heavy types
  16. Iron, steel, tube and rod wrappings
  17. Canal linings
  18. Mail bags
  19. Motor linings
  20. Needle felts
  21. Roofing felts
  22. Rope
  23. Covering fabrics
  24. Tyre wrapping
  25. Upholstery foundation
  26. Strings of all types
  27. ETC

Above all the most common application of jute fiber. Day by day, the application file of jute fibers are increasing rapidly.

Jute is now mixed with cotton fiber which is called jutex technology. Through this process, various types of course fabric are manufactured which is cheaper than completely cotton-made fabrics. In fact, the demand for jute cotton blended products increasing day by day. As a result, the manufacturers are looking for a diversified products type which is the present trend. Raw green jute also applies for making paper.

There is a lot of application scopes. At present, various researches are going on jute.

So, use jute products and save the environment.

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