Classification Of Fabric Weave Design

Fabric Weave Design

Weave or design is the main part of fabric production. The fabric weave or design is the manner in which the warp and weft yarns are interlaced with one to another to produce a fabric. For doing this job a drawing paper is needed where the fabric design is represented. The pattern or repeat is the smallest unit of the weave which when repeated will produce the design required in the fabric.

This design is determined the fabric types. Depending on the weave or design, fabric is varied to one to another. Each of the design has its own characteristics and that is the principle of that’s fabric.

Fabric Weave Design
Classification Of Fabric Weave Design

Classification Of Fabric Weave Design

There are a lots of designed fabric is produced when they are classified as their design. Weave patterns can create varying degrees of durability in fabrics, adding to their usefulness and also to their appearance. In a simple weave construction, consisting of the weft going under one warp and over the next. Two harnesses are also needed for doing this design. More than two harness are required for advanced weaves and as many as forty for figured weaves. Hence, the amount of harness depends on the fabric design.

The three basic weaves in common use for majority of fabrics. They are as-

Plain Weave:

The plain weave repeats on 2 warps x 2 wefts. The plain fabrics comprise a high percentage of the total production of woven fabrics and it can be produced on a loom with two harnesses. It has the highest number of interlacing as compared with other weaves and therefore, it produces the finest fabrics.

Twill Weave:

Twill weave is the second major fabric design. A twill weave is denoted by using number above and below a line. Various types of complex design are done by these methods. More than two harness is needed for produce a twill design fabrics.

Satin Weave with some variations.

I will write deeply about this three basic weave in the next blog.

Important construction is also obtained from the following weave:

  1. Pile Weave
  2. Double Cloth Weave
  3. Gauze Weave
  4. Swivel Weave
  5. Lappet Weave
  6. Double weave
  7. Jacquard Weave
  8. ETC

So, there are lots of weave or design of woven fabric.

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