Methods Of Woven Fabric Design

Woven Fabric Design

Woven fabric design plays an important role in the fabric production. However, different types of fabric design is done by the design of the woven fabric. Design is the pre-task of woven fabric production.

Methods Of Woven Fabric Design
Methods Of Woven Fabric Design

Methods Of Woven Fabric Design

The weave or design of the woven fabric is done on the design paper. A complete design for a woven fabric consists of the following three major parts. They are:

Weave Plan

Weave plan basically use to illustrates the interlacing of the ends and picks in the fabric under consideration. It also indicates the ups and downs of each yarn in the fabric. Hence, it determines the number of ends and picks of a design and it is repeated for doing the complete design.

Drafting Plan

This plan indicates the number of healed shafts used to produce a given design and the order in which the warp ends are threaded through the heald eye of the heald shafts.

Lifting Plan

The lifting plan defines the selections of heald shafts to be raised or lowered on each successive insertion of the pick. The lifting plan is also known as Peg Plan.

There are some other factors for designing a woven fabric. These are as follows:

Denting Plan

The process of inserting warp yarn through a reed is called denting. The plan for denting according to order is called the denting plan.


In the manufacture of fabric by weaving on a loom, the technique of how the two series of threads are interlaced at the right angles to each other is called Structure.


The term texture signifies the general quality of a fabric, developed by the interlacement of yarn used. Weight, bulk, hand feeling, etc are also expressed by the term Texture. Materials, count of yarn, and relative density of threads are its main factors.


This is a term used to express the hardness or smoothness of fabric.

So, if anyone wants to get an idea about the woven fabric then he should follow the design plan of the fabric. In modern times, various types of complex designs are produced by the designer. To produce that type of woven fabric various types of woven machines are made. We can see the modern techniques of weaving which are done by the Jacquard loom, Dobby loom, Water jet loom, or Air jet loom.

In sum, a designer should be aware of the selection of loom by which he will run the design. Otherwise, faulty selection of loom will cause harm the quality of the woven fabric.

So, be conscious and do a great job.

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