Stitch Types | Types Of Stitching For Garment Manufacturing

Stitching In Sewing

In the apparel manufacturing industry; various types of sewing machines use for stitching. This stitch is required to join different parts of the fabric.

Stitch Types

According to British Standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, the following are the types of stitches. They are-

  1. Class 100: Chain Stitch
  2. Class 200: Hand Stitch
  3. Class 300: Lock Stitch
  4. Class 400: Multi Thread Chain Stitch
  5. Class 500: Over Edge Chain Stitch
  6. Class 600: Covering Chain Stitch

Above all are the main stitch types for sewing the garment. Additionally, I have described each of the stitch types in my different blogs and you can visit them from the above linking.

So, gather more knowledge by understanding the stitch types.

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