Woven Fabric Structure: Properties, Types, And Their Uses

Woven Fabric Structure The woven cloth structure is defined as the order of interlacement of warp and weft threads at right angles according to the type of weave or design that is desired. Similarly, the structure of knit fabrics is defined as the interloping system of yarns. Basically, there are different types of fabrics available … Read more

Methods Of Woven Fabric Design

Woven Fabric Design Woven fabric design plays an important role in the fabric production. However, different types of fabric design is done by the design of the woven fabric. Design is the pre-task of woven fabric production. Methods Of Woven Fabric Design The weave or design of the woven fabric is done on the design … Read more

Classification Of Fabric Weave Design

Fabric Weave Design Weave or design is the main part of fabric production. The fabric weave or design is the manner in which the warp and weft yarns are interlaced with one to another to produce a fabric. For doing this job a drawing paper is needed where the fabric design is represented. The pattern … Read more

Methods Of Woven Fabric Representation On A Design Paper

Fabric Weave Woven structure is drawn on a design paper for representing the fabric construction. Before, bulk production it is essential to determine the fabric structure by determining it by analyzing ends and picks of the sample. This is generally done by the fabric lab section. The quality control department analyzes the fabric sample and … Read more

Types And Features Of Woven Fabric Structure

Woven Fabric Structure Woven fabric structure is the main consideration in woven fabric production. Before fabric production, it needs to determine the type of fabric structure by which fabric will be produced. There are various types of woven fabric structures available. Sometimes, the buyer gives the specification of the fabric consumption by writing, or sometimes … Read more