Mercerization Process of Cotton Fabric || Basic Methods of Mercerizing Process

Mercerization of Cotton Fabric Mercerization process of cotton fabric is done after the bleaching operation. Bleaching is enough for preparing the fabrics for dyeing and printing but mercerizing is done to add some advantage to the fabric. The luster and strength of the fabric increase during mercerizing process. Cotton mercerizing is the most popular operation. … Read more

Mercerizing | Definition Mechanism And Effects of Mercerizing

Mercerizing Process The definition mechanism and effects of mercerizing are important to know when a mercerizing process changes the physical properties of the material. Mercerizing is one part of wet processing technology. Mercerizing is a special type of treatment. Mercerizing is done to get some special properties of the textile materials. Through the mercerizing process … Read more

Bleaching Agents || Types and Application Methods of Bleaching Agents

Bleaching Agents The bleaching agent is the most important part of wet processing. Bleaching is done for removing the natural color of the textile materials. During pre-treatment of the textile materials, the different parameter is maintained strictly. Bleaching is done by different types of bleaching agents. Types of Bleaching Agents: Bleaching agents are applied to … Read more

Textile Bleaching Process || Objectives-Process Parameters of Bleaching

Textile Bleaching Process The whiteness of textile materials is liked by everybody. White fabric colored with dyes. Sometimes we want to get a white fabric; which is obtained by the bleaching process. After the scouring process bleaching is done to get white fabric. Bleaching is done for removing the natural color which is inherent in … Read more

Dyeing | General Concept About Dyeing Process

Dyeing Dyeing is a distribution process in which the dye or pigment is distributed at least two phases system i.e., the dye or pigment bath or solution and the textile material. In fact, dyeing is done in a dye bath in this process. Besides, a dye bath contains a solution of dyes, chemicals, and other … Read more

What Is Scouring | Important Objectives, Effects, and Methods Of Scouring

Scouring Scouring is the pretreatment process of wet processing technology. It is the first stage of pre-treatment consequently. Before dying or printing textile materials natural fibers must pass the scouring process. The scouring process bears great importance in wet processing undoubtedly. What is Scouring Scouring is the process by which natural (oil, wax, gum, fat, … Read more