Management Hierarchy Of Dyeing Mill

Management Hierarchy Management hierarchy is a must requirement for a dyeing mill for good supervision and to reach the desired goal indeed. Significantly, A hierarchy is a system of organizing people into different ranks or levels of importance, for example in society or in a company. Besides, management hierarchy refers to the organogram of an organization. In the management hierarchy system definition, the following … Read more

Dyeing And Printing || Differences Between Dyeing And Printing

Dyeing And Printing Dyeing and printing are two major wet processing techniques eventually for the coloration of fibers, yarns, and, fabrics in the industry. Consequently, only one color produces in the dyeing process but various types of colored designs produces on the fabric surface in the printing process. The dyeing process performs on grey fabric … Read more

Characteristics Of Process Waste Water Of Textile Industry

Process Waste Water The textile industry is a huge sector where a large number of waste streams or effluents are significantly produced. Basically, the effluent which is produced in different sectors of the textile industry is dangerous to the environment. Mainly effluent is produced from different sectors such as de-sizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing, … Read more

Flow Chart Of Wastewater Treatment Process With (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is essential to purify the wastewater which is come from different types of manufacturing industries such as textile, ternary, dyes and chemical manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. Different environment-saving organizations are trying to protect the environment from the harmful effect of effluent. Different waste water has different characteristics … Read more

Flow Chart of Biological Treatment of Wastewater In Textile Industry

Biological Treatment Process Effluent treatment plant are used to treat waste water that comes from different manufacturing industries where different types of chemicals and dyes are used to treat the materials. After treatment, waste water is directly discharged into the environment. This waste water is harmful to the environment. The purpose of biological treatment of … Read more

Process Flow Chart of Dyeing Textile Materials | Basic Structure of Wet Processing Technology

Wet Processing Technology Wet processing technology and its uses are huge in the textile sector. The dyeing process for different textile materials could be different but its basic idea is the same for all. For all types of dyeing, pre-treatment is a must for removing unwanted materials from textile materials. Pre-treatment style differs for the … Read more