Process Flow Chart Of Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Water treatment plant (WTP) is necessary for every wet processing industry. In case of textile wet processing; water is required for dyeing, printing, finishing as well as garment washing. We know water is two types; hard water and soft water. The water which is collected from up of the soil or under the soil it may contains different chemical substances which makes the water hard. That hard water is not suitable for the wet processing. For this reason, it is required to purify the hard water. After purification by the water treatment plant, water becomes ready for the next wet process.

Water Treatment Plant
Process Flow Chart Of Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Process Flow Chart of Water Treatment Plant (WTP):

The flow chart for water treatment plant is given below. They are-

Hard Water Store Tank

Stone Filter

Carbon Filter

Resin Filter

Soft Water Store Tank

Delivery Pump

Water Softening:

There is an ion exchange method by which hardness of water is removed. After removing the hardness, water becomes soft and following parameters are maintained for considering a soft water. Here, I have present the standard for soft water.

Standard Water Quality for Dye House:

The following are the standard water quality for dye house. They are-


Permissible concentration


Color less


No bad smell

Water Hardness

<5 ppm

PH value

7-8 (Neutral)

Dissolve solid

< 1 ppm

Inorganic salt

< 500 ppm


< 0.1 ppm


< 0.01 ppm

Copper (Cu)

<0.005 ppm


< 50 ppm


< 5 ppm

So, before processing, a textile engineer should ensure the quality of soft water.

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  1. Choice of water treatment technology is important to get end product suiting your specific industry demands
    We as water consultants advise on such issues after understanding the process involved in your industry
    Our organization works both as a WATER CONSULTANT and PLANT MANUFACTURERS
    as per company requirements .
    Cost of Advisory role is fixed while plant erection cost depends on multiple factors

    • We are looking for WTP without Resin and Back wash Sand filteration.
      If you have some other process of making soft water from Hard water pls let me know. Present Capacity: 340 M3/Hr.

  2. We use sodium cloride for iron removal and sodium thoi sulphate for remove clorine.We have sand filter,train filter and carbon filter.4 times back awash in a day.But hardness will high. (20 to 30 ppm).so dyed fabric uneven.How can we reduce hardness in wtp


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