Uses Of Silicon Softener And Amphoteric Softener


Amphoteric softener and silicon softener are not widely used. Silicone softener is the latest type of softener.

Properties of Amphoteric Softener

These molecules consist of one or more alkyl chains attached to polar molecules, which contain both anionic and cationic groups. Their nature depends on PH.

Neutral PH: No ionic

Lower PH: Cationic

Higher PH: Anionic

Uses of Silicon Softener

The uses of silicon softener are given below.

  • Silicone softener is the latest softener, and it is used for bulky effects in high-quality cotton towels.
  • Silicon softener is expensive.
  • It is very durable for laundering.
  • Silicone softener improves tear strength and wrinkle recovery.

Although these two softeners are not popular all day by day, the application of silicon softeners is increasing rapidly.

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  • Hi, and what’s about the pilling performance on the silicon finishing and is any alternative available and performing to fluorocarbon finishing? thanks

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