Uses Of Silicon Softener | Amphoteric Softener


Amphoteric softener and silicon softener are not widely used. Silicon softener is the latest type of softener.

Properties of Amphoteric Softener:

These molecules consist of one or longer alkyl chains attached to polar molecules which contain both anionic and cationic groups. Their nature depends on PH.

Neutral PH: No ionic

Lower PH: Cationic

Higher PH: Anionic

Uses of Silicon Softener:

The uses of silicon softener are given below.

  • Silicon softener is a latest softener and it is used for bulky effect in high quality cotton towel.
  • Silicon softener is expensive.
  • It is very durable in laundering.
  • Silicon softener improves tear strength, wrinkle recovery.

Although these two softener is not popular all day by day the application of silicon softener is increasing rapidly.

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  1. Hi, and what’s about the pilling performance on the silicon finishing and is any alternative available and performing to fluorocarbon finishing? thanks


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