Methods Of Woven Fabric Representation On A Design Paper

Fabric Weave Woven structure is drawn on a design paper for representing the fabric construction. Before, bulk production it is essential to determine the fabric structure by determining it by analyzing ends and picks of the sample. This is generally done by the fabric lab section. The quality control department analyzes the fabric sample and … Read more

Types, And Features of Woven Fabric Structure

Woven Fabric Structure Woven fabric structure is the main considering points of woven fabric production. Before fabric production it needs to determine the types of fabric structure by which fabric will be produced. There are various types of woven fabric structure is available. Sometimes, buyer gives the specification of the fabric consumption by writing or … Read more

Fabric Fashion And Their Demand In The World Market

Fabric Fashion Textile is the second demand of the human being and it is essential to be a civilized person. In this regards to full fill their demand, man used to make their textile products by their own self (in some special cases) and most of them buy their textile product from a store. In … Read more