Methods Of Woven Fabric Representation On A Design Paper

Fabric Weave

Woven structure is drawn on a design paper for representing the fabric construction. Before, bulk production it is essential to determine the fabric structure by determining it by analyzing ends and picks of the sample. This is generally done by the fabric lab section. The quality control department analyzes the fabric sample and draws a fabric structure and sends it to the production floor. After getting the fabric design production officer sets the loom parameter as the design. After that, we will get a woven fabric by weaving.

Woven Structure
Methods Of Woven Fabric Representation On A Design Paper

Methods of Fabric Representation on a Design Paper:

Design paper is required to represent the woven structure. The method of indicating the weave on design paper is as follows:

  • Firstly, the spaces between the lines represent the yarns.
  • Secondly, the ends are in the vertical and the picks are in the horizontal direction.
  • Thirdly, each square represents the crossing of an end and pick.
  • There are two and only two possible of each crossing; either the end passes over the picks or the picks passes over the end.
  • A mark in a particular square indicates that the end is over the picks at the corresponding place in the fabric.
  • A blank square indicates that the picks are over the end.
  • Only one repeat should be shown on Design Paper.

So, by the above methods, we can represent fabric structure on a design paper. When you will learn to design a woven fabric you will find lots of interest in this job. So, take a woven fabric sample and try to find the design and draw the design on the design paper. Let me know the experience of this job.

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