Characteristics Of Straight Draft || Skip Draft

Straight Draft And Skip Draft Straight draft and skip draft is the most used drafting system to express the drafting plan of the woven structure. Characteristics of Straight Draft: The following are the features of a straight draft. They are- Firstly, a straight draft is the simplest type of draft that forms the basis of … Read more

Methods of Drafting Plan | Drafting System

Drafting Plan A drafting plan is the major part of a complete design for woven fabric. The number of healed shafts used to produce a design is indicated by the drafting plan. Types of Drafting System Drafting is done in the following way: Methods of Indicating a Drafting Plan Drafting a plan can be expressed … Read more

Fancy Weave || Types Of Fancy Weave | Uses Of Fancy Design

Fancy Weave The fancy weave is the most important weave structure. In the meantime, various types of decorative products are produced by this weave design. Its weave structure is more critical than the basic weave structure. We know that basic structures include plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave. It will be clear when I … Read more

Features Of Weft Rib Structure || Name Of Rib Fabrics

Weft Rib The main characteristic of plain rib weave is that it produces ribs or cords in the warp or weft directions. If the cords or ribs produce in the weft direction then it is called warp rib and if the cords or ribs produce in the warp direction then it is called weft rib. … Read more

Characteristics Of Warp Rib || Regular And Irregular Warp Rib

Warp Rib Warp rib and weft rib is the derivatives of the plain weave. This warp and weft rib also can be classified into regular and irregular ribs. There are differences in the structure of the fabric. So, we need to know the characteristics of the warp and weft rib of the plain weave. Characteristics … Read more

Classification, And Derivatives Of Twill Weave

Twill Weave Twill weave is the second fundamental weave structure after plain weave. The main characteristic of twill weave is that it produces diagonal lines on the fabric. It repeats on three or more picks. Classification of Twill Weave Twill weave can be classified in the following way: According to the direction of the twill … Read more