Working Principle Of Hydro Extractor Machine For Dyed Knit Fabric | Functions Of Hydro Extractor

Hydro Extractor Machine Hydro extractor machine is the first sequence of finishing unit of dyeing and finishing floor. After completion of the dyeing process, dyed fabrics are held for some time before hydro extraction. Hydro extractor machine is an important one before the de-watering process. Image Source: Functions of Hydro-Extractor Machine: A hydro extractor … Read more

Dyeing Defects | Common Knit Dyeing Faults And Their Way Of Remedies

Knit Dyeing The knit fabric dyeing process is different from the yarn dyeing or woven fabric dyeing process. However, during knit dyeing; some dyeing faults can be occurred due to the wrong operating system. But it can be overcome by applying some techniques. Knit Dyeing Faults and Their Way of Remedies: The following are the … Read more

Types of Mercerizing | Flow Chart Of Mercerizing Process For Cotton

Mercerizing We know that mercerizing is an additional process to improve the physical and chemical properties of the cotton yarn or fabric. For cotton knit dyeing; mercerizing is done before dyeing. Mercerized fabric is more suitable than un-mercerized fabric. This process also depends on the buyer’s requirements. It is not a common operation for cotton … Read more

The procedure of Peroxide, Absorbency, And pH Test During Dyeing | Test Carried Out For Better Dyeing

Dyeing In the dyeing process different test is carried out to determine the better dyeing. We know that peroxide is applied during bleaching and it is harmful to the human body. So it needs to remove from the yarn or fabric. Some points are needed to consider during dyeing. Absorbency and pH test is essential … Read more

Objectives And Flow Chart Of Lad Dip Development

Lad Dip Development Lab Dip Development means the sample which is dyed according to the buyer’s requirements (similar shade and so on). Depending on lab dip development sample dyeing and bulk production dyeing planning are done. Objectives of Lab Dip Development: The main objectives in lab dip are as follows: Firstly, to calculate the recipe … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Lab Dip Development In A Dyeing Lab | Shade Matching Procedure

Lab Dip Dyeing is performed on the dyeing floor but before starting bulk production lots of work is done in the dyeing laboratory. In the lab, a lab dip or sample is developed by the textile engineer or technician. In the lab, the lab dip is matched with the sample given by the buyer. Then … Read more

Batching || Functions Criteria And Management Of Batch Section In Textile

Batching Batching is the receiving section of grey fabric and sending section of grey fabric to the dyeing section which will dye. Additionally, it is the process to get ready the fabrics that should be dyed and processed for a particular lot of a particular order. Function or Purpose of Batch Section: In the batch … Read more

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