Top Sewing Machine Brands And Parts In The World

Sewing Machine A sewing machine brands and parts play an important role during the selection of sewing operation. A sewing machine is used for stitching…

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Garment Buying House

Top Garment Buying House In Bangladesh

Garment Buying House Garment buying house is a common word to the merchandiser as well as the textile and garment-related personnel. Basically, a buying house…

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Best Women Loungewear Brands In 2024

What is loungewear? Loungewear stands for casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home. Anyhow, loungewear is perfect to use when staying at home, besides…

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Important Points For The Selection Of Sewing Needle

Sewing Needle The needle plays an important role in sewing. Hand sewing and machine sewing are two sewing techniques for garment production. In modern times,…

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Types of Payments In Business

Payment Payment is the major point in business dealings. The seller and the buyer doing the payment transaction. There are various ways of payment. I…

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Garments Costing For Merchandising

Merchandiser Hello, my dear merchandiser. I hope all of you doing well in your workplace. Garment costing is very common to all of you. All…

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