What Is Compliance? | Compliance In Garment Industry

Compliance Compliance means conformity to certain standards. Every management of the textile and garment industry should maintain excellent working conditions for its employees and workers. Although the entire well-established project tries to maintain well compliance there are some lacking proper compliance issues.   Compliance In Garment Industry: Here is a list of compliance in which … Read more

Merchandising: Roles And Responsibilities Of Garment Marketing Officer

Garment Marketing Officer The Marketing officer plays an important role in the process of dealings with buyers. Moreover, he or she maintains communication with the buyer. In fact, he or she is the middle man between the producer and buyer. A marketing officer should have great knowledge about the marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is a … Read more

Stitch Types | Types Of Stitching For Garment Manufacturing

Stitching In Sewing In the apparel manufacturing industry; various types of sewing machines use for stitching. This stitch is required to join different parts of the fabric. Stitch Types According to British Standard 3870 and ISO 4915:1991, the following are the types of stitches. They are- Class 100: Chain Stitch Class 200: Hand Stitch Class … Read more

Properties Of Sewing Thread Used In Garment Manufacturing Process

Sewing Thread In apparel manufacturing; different types of sewing accessories and finishing accessories are used to sew the fabric. Sewing thread is the principal sewing accessory. Different types of sewing thread are used for t-shirts, polo-shirt, trousers, or another garment sewing. A sewing thread should have enough sewability and durability for ensuring the long life … Read more

Types Of Sewing Thread | Properties Of Core Spun, Cotton And Polyester Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread Sewing thread is the main element to make apparel. After cutting the fabrics, different cut parts are joined by sewing. Sewing threads may be made of natural, man-made, or combined fibers. Sewing thread is manufactured by the combination of short fibers or by continuous filament yarn. Twisting is done to form a sewing … Read more

Process Sequence Of Embroidery In Garment Manufacturing

Embroidery In the apparel manufacturing unit; embroidery is a special type of task. However, it is done according to the buyer’s requirements. Generally, embroidery is complex work if it is done manually for a single fabric. The manual process takes more time to produce a complex design. Besides this, a computerized embroidery machine is suitable … Read more

Process Flow Chart Of Trouser Sewing | Jeans Production Procedure

Trouser Trousers or Jeans are the newest fashion in the world. Most of the people in most of the states are interested to wear jeans pants. Different types of jeans are manufactured in the apparel industry. Various types of finishes are applied to the jeans product to increase its popularity. Any type of defect can … Read more

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