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The button is one type of accessory also it is a trimmings type. Basically, a button uses to close or open the apparel parts. In modern times, the button is not only used for opening or closing purposes but also used as a fashion. Moreover, various types of designs are produced on the surface of the button. When the shape of the button is varied according to the buyer’s requirement. In apparel manufacturing, buttonhole sewing machines and other sewing machines are also used to sew the button with the apparel.

Classification of Button

Basically, They are five types based on materials and hole type. The following is the classification:

Classification Based on Material Use

Buttons are made of different raw materials. Additionally, the button can be classified based on the materials used to make a button. The following are the button types depending on the materials use to make the button. They are-

  1. Horn Button
  2. Pearl Button
  3. Wooden Button
  4. Bone Button
  5. Leather Button
  6. Chalk Button
  7. Polyester Button
  8. Nylon Button
  9. Metal Button
  10. Rubber Button
  11. Others

Classification Based on Button Hole:

The button is also classified on the basis of the hole in the button. The following is the button type basis on the hole of the button. They are-

  1. 2 hole Button
  2. 4 hole Button
  3. 1 hole Button or shank button (coupling)
  4. SNAP Button
  5. Push Button
  6. Others

Classification Based On Shape

The following are the classification of buttons based on shape. They are-

  1. Flat Button
  2. Shank Button
  3. Stud Button
  4. Toggle Button
  5. Decorative Button
  6. Others

Classification Based on End Use

The following are the classification of buttons based on end-use. They are-

  1. Coat Buttons
  2. Cardigan Buttons
  3. Cufflinks Buttons
  4. Jacket Buttons
  5. Jeans Buttons
  6. Suit Buttons
  7. Shirt Buttons, and
  8. Others.

Classification Based on Manufacturing Technique

The following are the classification of buttons based on manufacturing techniques. They are-

  1. Electroplating Buttons
  2. Spray Painting Buttons
  3. Screen Printing Buttons
  4. Others

In sum, the above button types are mostly used but the producers are trying to make changes to the shape of the button to get more variation. Additionally, a merchandiser should have knowledge about the types of buttons used in apparel manufacturing. That’s all about the button.

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