Different Types of Trims Used in Garment Industry

Trims Trims are components added to clothing or ensembles to improve their aesthetic appeal. In essence, garment trims are all the extra components that are attached to a garment after the body has been created. They employed clothing and apparel to offer aesthetically pleasing appeal, practical convenience, or a combination of both. There are different … Read more

Zipper || Types of Zipper | Functions of Zipper Parts

Zipper The zipper is one of the important trimmings as well as apparel accessories. It is used for the opening and closing purposes of the apparel parts. Most of the time, it is used in jackets, pants, and shirt manufacturing. But in modern times, in some jeans pants, the button is used instead of a … Read more

Garment Accessories | List And Uses of Accessories In Apparel Manufacturing

Garment Accessories Apparel manufacturing is a combination of group work. The different section is related to this apparel manufacturing. We know that fabric is the basic material for apparel manufacturing. Fabric may be woven or knitted. Woven fabrics are converted into shirts, Pant, Coats, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, and other suitable apparel. Knitted fabrics are converted … Read more