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Pressing Or Ironing In Finishing Section || Pressing Types

Pressing or ironing is one of the most important tasks in finishing section. It is done for giving final finishing appearance to the apparel. After that, apparels are ready for packing.

Pressing or Ironing In Finishing Section: Various types of operations are done in finishing section. Pressing is done by the following way.

  • Pressing means shaping the apparels.
  • Pressing is affected by the application of heat and pressure for certain time.
  • Steam, compressed air and suction can assist the process.
  • The setting effect is fixed by cooling.

Pressing Operations: Pressing operations are two types. They are –

  1. Under Pressing: Operating performed on apparels parts during making up.
  2. Top/Final Pressing: Final pressing operations are done on the fully assembled apparels.

So, pressing plays an important role in apparel manufacturing.

Zipper || Parts of Zipper || Types of Zipper

Zipper is one of the important trimmings as well as apparel accessories. It is used for opening and closing purpose of the apparel parts. Most of the time, it is used in jackets, pants and shirts manufacturing. But in modern times, in some of the jeans pant, button is used instead of zipper.

Parts of Zipper: To know about zipper, one should know about the different parts of the zipper. A zipper consists of six parts which are listed below. They are –

  1. Top stopper
  2. Slider
  3. Pull tab
  4. Teeth or coil
  5. Tape
  6. Bottom stopper

Types Of Zipper: Zipper is classified into two types. They are as –

  1. One End Zipper: This type of zipper is used in jacket.
  2. Closed End Zipper: Closed end zipper is used in pant or shirt.

Different zipper manufacturing companies, manufactured zipper. Zipper are varies in shape and size. Zipper is manufactured as per buyer requirement.

So, when you will use zipper you have to concern about the quality of the zipper because the entire zipper has not same properties. One should be careful about during zipper selection.

On Line Quality Assurance System || Types Of On Line Quality Control System

There are two types of quality assurance system; one is off line quality assurance system and another is off line quality assurance system.

Online Quality Assurance System: Online quality control comprises with the raw material quality control and the process control. On line quality control cosist of –

  • Raw Material Control
  • Process Control

Raw Material Control: As the quality product depends on the raw material quality so we must be provided with the best quality raw material with an economical consideration.

  • The fabric must be without fault, with proper absorbency, whiteness as per requirement of the subsequent process. The Greige inspection report gives the condition of the raw fabric. The information found on a greige report is given below-

Penalty point legends




Oil stain


Chemical stain


Water spot


Fly yarn


Rub mark


Dye stain


Dirt stain


Rust stain


Yarn contamination


Inspect spot


Grease stain


Missing yarn


Drop stitch


Needle line


Uneven tension




Thick & thin place




Sinker mark


Birds eye


Wrong design


Pin holes


Barre mark



  • The chemical should be of known concentration with a higher degree of purity.
  • The entire machine should be higher precisions.

Process Control: The method chosen for the process must be provided with the necessary accurate parameters. The specific gravity, water level, residual hydrogen per oxide etc. at each stage should checked.

On line quality control is a system which is performed during manufacturing. During this checking, if any faults are found in materials, one should take necessary steps to reduce the fault or to stop the process and take necessary steps to recover it.

So, be careful during quality checking.