Flat Seam: Properties And Their Uses

What is a flat seam?

The flat seam is constructed by having two pieces of fabric that meet precisely at their edges. The flat seam is one type of decorative seam type. This is seam class 4. However, flat seams are so-called because the fabric edges do not overlap. Basically, two pieces of fabric are sewn together by a cover stitch. Additionally, a stitch perpendicular to the seam line is produced by multiple needles that create a flat seam.

Uses of Flat Seam

The flat seam has various uses in garment manufacturing. The following are the uses of the flat seam:. They are-

  1. A flat seam is used in close-fitting garments where the seam allowance may put pressure on the body.
  2. Athletic Garments
  3. Shapewear
  4. Under Garments
  5. Lingerie
  6. Swim Wear
  7. Thermal Underwear
  8. Sweatshirts consist of raglan sleeves or side panels.
  9. It is also used in different types of high-strength fabrics.

Properties of Flat Seam

The properties of a flat seam are given below.

  • Firstly, flat seam is used for decorative purpose.
  • Secondly, seam edges do not overlap but are flatted together.
  • Thirdly, seam is constructed with a minimum of 3 fabrics.
  • Lastly, Lock stitch is used for form this seam type.

So, that’s all about the flat seam.

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