Others Seam || Properties And Uses Of Others Seam

Others Seam

Others seam is one of the important seam types. It is generally used for belt loops. Basically, others seam is class 8 seam type. However, stitches apply on its edges when only one piece of the material involves in the construction of the seam. Additionally, others seam produces with a minimum of one piece of the component with a limited edge on two ends. Moreover, this type of seam has a huge application in garment manufacturing.

Properties Of Others Seam:

The properties of others seam are given below. They are-

  • Firstly, others seam is constructed from one ply of fabric.
  • Secondly, commonly used for belts loops.
  • Lastly, loop is folded stitched onto the waist line.

So, that’s all about others seam.

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