Types Of Sewing Thread | Properties Of Core Spun, Cotton And Polyester Sewing Thread

Sewing thread is the main elements to make apparel. After cutting the fabrics, different cut parts are joined by sewing. Sewing threads may be made by natural, man-made or combined fibers. Sewing thread is manufactured by the combination of short fibers or by continuous filament yarn. Twisting is done for form a sewing thread. Various types of sewing thread is used for sewing, all of them have their own characteristics which is important to know.

Sewing Thread types: Sewing thread can be classified as the following way. They are as follow:

A) On the basis of fiber types: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, etc.

B) On the basis of thread construction: 2ply, 3ply, Core spun thread

C) On the basis of finish applied.

Properties of Core spun thread: More than 95% cases 100% spun polyester sewing thread in used in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and others country. Properties of core spun thread are as follow:

  1. Strong thread with excellent sewability.
  2. Thread has filament polyester or nylon as a core and cotton is wrapped on it.
  3. Cost more than regular thread.
  4. Have good durability also.

Properties of Cotton sewing thread: Properties of cotton sewing thread are as follow:

  1. Made from cotton fibers.
  2. Have excellent sewability because fibers are not seriously affected by the heat generated by needles during sewing.
  3. Cotton threads are not highly durable and have a tendency to shrink when apparel is washed.
  4. Mercerized cotton threads sew well and have lustures appearance but shrink slightly when wetted.

Properties of Polyester sewing thread: Properties of polyester sewing thread are as follow:

  1. Made from polyester filaments or fibers.
  2. Threads are highly durable and are hot affected in washing or dry-cleaning.
  3. They have excellent dimensional stability.
  4. Also have a high level of resistance to abrasion.

On the basis of finish applied: Sewing thread is classified on the basis of finish applied as the following:

  • Lubricants are commonly used 3% to 15% on the basis of weight.
  • Special finishes are:
  1. Water repellent finish
  2. Flame proof finish
  3. Anti-Bacterial finish
  4. Anti-mildew

Among all of the sewing thread, core spun is widely used in apparel manufacturing process. Before sewing, one should be ensure about the sewability and durability of sewing thread.

So, chose your sewing thread and sew the t-shirt, polo-shirt, trouser and many more apparel.

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