Merino Wool | Finest Wool Of The World

Merino wool is the best wool among all of the wool. The finest wool is called merino wool.  This wool is collected from the merino sheep. This type of wool is generally produced in Australia, Spain, America, South America, South Africa and Newzeland.

Merino wool is fine, soft, slightly creamy and oily. Merino wool is the softest wool. In merino wool there are about 30 crimps in its body. Wools remain in twist form with one to another for its creamy appearance. For this reason, strong yarn is formed.  This crimp and creamy properties increases its elastic property. The color of the merino wool is white or near white in color. The staple length is about 2 inch to 5 inch.

Merino wool is better in look than other wool. Its finishing is well. All of all it is comfort to use. In the world market, merino wool has popularity. Most of the expensive wool wear is making by merino wool. This type of wool is very sweet able for making baby wear.

Wool is generally used for making sweater. In the modern time, various types of synthetic fiber are made for use as the alternatives of wool but they are not as comfortable as wool fiber. Among all of the manmade fiber, acrylic is used for alternatives of wool by mixing it with other textile fiber.

Although, merino wool is expensive than other textile fiber but its demand is increasing day by day. There are some countries, where sheep is cultivated for the commercial purpose and they earn lots of foreign currency by exporting this wool to other countries.

So, buy merino wool and make your finest textile products by merino wool.

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