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Apparel or garment industry is the final stage of textile manufacturing where cloth is cut into different parts and sews to make various types of apparel. Here, different shapes and style fabrics are made according to the buyer requirement.

Functions of Different Section of an Apparel Industry: Apparel industry consists of different section. Every section is responsible for better production. Here, I have included the section which is directly related with the production. There is some sub division in all the section which will be focused through that’s section. Following sections are the principle section regarded with production. The functions of different section of an apparel industry are given below. They are-

  • Sample Section: Sample section is the first section of apparel manufacturing industry.
  1. To make the correct sample is the first functions of sample section.
  2. To perform pattern grading.
  • Cutting Section: Cutting section is the second section after sample section. Here, cutting operation is done by the cutter. Here, following work is done.
  1. Fabric spreading on the cutting table or floor.
  2. Marker making according to the pattern.
  3. To cut fabric according to the marker.
  • Sewing Section: In the sewing section, cut pieces of fabric are assembled by the sewing operation.
  1. Apparel is assembled by the sewing.
  2. After sewing, inspection is done to identify the sewing faults.
  • Finishing Section: After sewing, fabric is send to the finishing section. Different types of ornamenting work are done here.
  1. Ironing
  2. Folding
  3. Packing
  4. Arranging
  5. Final inspection is done by the quality control officer. After quality inspection; it is decided that the fabric is ok for delivery or is it reject.
  • Store: Store is essential to preserve the raw materials and final finished goods. It is important to maintain correct information about the current stored materials.
  1. Material receiving.
  2. Issue to production units.
  • Maintenance Section: Maintenance section is responsible to ensure the proper function of the machine and its parts. They do the following works.
  1. To store machine parts.
  2. To supply tools and equipments.

Above sections are important to maintain good production efficiency. If any of the section becomes failed to maintain the proper work then the production will be hampered.

So, mangement, who is responsible for the production should ensure the proper work of each section of an apparel industry.

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