brocade fabric

Brocade Fabric: Properties, Types, Applications, and Benefits

What is Brocade Fabric? Brocade fabric is respected as a sort of luxuriously fancy fabric with raised themes that are, as often as possible, perplexing…

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private label apparel manufacturing

Benefits and Challenges of Private Label Apparel Manufacturing

Private Label Apparel Manufacturing Private label manufacturing is a popular word in the clothing industry. The private label apparel manufacturing is also called private-label attire…

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Types of Fabric Used In Garment Manufacturing

Fabric Fabrics are the basic materials in apparel manufacturing. Basically, fabrics are produced in the fabric manufacturing mill in grey form and they are not…

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Advantages Of Mechanical-Manual Fabric Spreading

Fabric Spreading Methods Mechanical spreading and manual spreading are two types of fabric spreading. These two types have some advantages and some limitations of use.…

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Types Of Shirt Collar || Styles Of Collar

Collar The collar is a basic part of a shirt. It is a part of a shirt, dress, coat, or blouse. It fastens around the…

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Difference Between Bespoke Garment And Ready to Wear Garment

What is the meaning of apparel? The fabric which we wear, that’s name varies according to the country. In the USA, the finished fabric is…

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