Different Apparel Terms And Definitions || Sample And Pattern

In apparel manufacturing; various terms are used to express the specific task. Here, I have given some apparel terms and definitions which will help you.

Different Apparel Terms and Definitions:

Product Package: A group of paper sheets which contain the followings is called product package. It is essential to develop a sample garment.

  1. Apparel design and sketches
  2. Apparel measurements
  3. Stitches
  4. Trimmings and details
  5. Order quantity and size ration
  6. Fabric specification and details
  7. Packing instructions
  8. Order details
  9. Etc

Pattern: The individual part of apparel which is shaped by hard drawing paper is called pattern.

Working Pattern: The pattern set which is used to make sample garment, that is called working pattern. Sample garment generally made of M.S = 1 set.

Sample Garment: The garment which represents the huge quantity of garments that is called sample garment.

Approved Sample: The sample which is approved by buyer is called approved sample. Generally 3 pieces sample are made for approval of buyer. 2 pieces are sending to buyer and 1 piece is for counter sample. After approval of sample; buyer take one piece and send approved sample to the manufacturer. The merchandiser sends it for bulk production in the production unit.

Counter Sample: Counter sample is one kind of approved sample which is not signed by buyer is called counter sample. This sample is hanged on the sewing floor for smooth production.

Pattern Grading: Stepwise increase or stepwise decrease of master pattern is called pattern grading. Such XXX → XS → S → M.Set → L → XL → XXL.

Production Pattern: The pattern which is used for bulk production, those are called production pattern.

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