Characteristics Of Zigzag Twill | Regular Zigzag | Irregular Zigzag Twill

Zigzag twill is the most important derivatives of twill weave. Various types of ornamented design are done by this type of twill. Here, I have written about the features of zigzag twill.

Characteristics Of Zigzag Twill: Characteristics of zigzag twill is given below.

  1. By the reversing of the direction of the twill at suitable intervals, zigzag twill is produced.
  2. Sometimes it is referred to as Pointed Twill because a point is created in reversing point.
  3. Zigzag twill is used for producing shirt, pant, figured or ornamented design, Upholstery, Wall covering and many more weave.

Classification of Zigzag Twill: Zigzag twill is classified into following two ways. They are-

  1. Horizontal zigzag twill
  2. Vertical zigzag twill

Features of Horizontal Zigzag Twill:

  • In the repeat, the number of warp yarn is doubled to the number of weft yarn.
  • Horizontal zigzag design is done by Point draft.

Features of Vertical Zigzag Twill:

  • In the repeat, the number of weft yarn is doubled to the number of warp yarn.
  • Straight draft is used for this weave.

That’s all about the characteristics of zigzag twill.

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