What is 5S? || Benefits of 5S || Objectives Of 5S

5s is a Japanese methodology. It is the combination of 5s of five word which is started by word S. 5S is a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words. 5 Japanese words are seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke.

Meaning of five 5 S: Here, I have given the meaning of Japanese word in English. They are-

  • Sorting (Seiri)
  • Straightening (Seiton)
  • Systematic cleaning (Seiso)
  • Standardizing (Seiketsu)
  • Sustaining (Shitsuke)

The Japanese practice the 5 S methodologies for improving the work environment. These methods teach to make everything in order to make the place clean and make the work place comfortable for work. The 5-S practice helps everyone in the organisation to live a better life.

Benefits of 5S: There are lots of benefits of 5S. Here, I have listed some points. They are-

  • 5S helps to make everything in discipline form.
  • 5S improves organizational efficiency.
  • 5S improves safety.
  • 5S reduces waste in all forms.
  • 5S improves speed and quality of work performance.
  • 5S cuts down employee frustration when “the system doesn’t work”.
  • 5S creates a visually attractive environment.


Objectives Of 5S: There are lots of objectives of 5S. They are-

Productivity: 5S increase the productivity of the organisation. Specially, it works in both personal and working life. The face of an undisciplined office becomes discipline because of 5S.

Safety: When a man follows the 5 S then it increases the safety issue of the organization.

Reduced Waste: 5S teach to clean up the process by arranging the materials in discipline way. Unwanted materials are reduced from the place by 5 S methods.

Worker Commitment: Worker commitment becomes increase by applying 5S.

There are lots of benefits and objectives of 5S. So, try to practice in your personal life.

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