Process Sequence Of Embroidery In Garment Manufacturing


In the apparel manufacturing unit; embroidery is a special type of task. However, it is done according to the buyer’s requirements. Generally, embroidery is complex work if it is done manually for a single fabric. The manual process takes more time to produce a complex design. Besides this, a computerized embroidery machine is suitable to produce complex and lengthy designs. In fact, it needs to install CAD software and make the design by CAD.

Process Sequence Of Embroidery

Process Flow Chart of Embroidery In Garment Manufacturing:

Embroidery is done according to the following sequence in an apparel manufacturing industry.

At first, designed the buyer designed by CAD software

The design software install into the machine

The fabric clamped by the clamp board

Then run the machine until finished the design

Then the fabric collects for delivery

Embroidery Machine Name:

There are various types of companies that are looking to manufacture the latest embroidery machine with the latest facilities. Here, I present an embroidery machine manufacturer in Korea. They make the following embroidery machine type-

  1. SWF 15 head, 9 needles with sequin device.
  2. SWF 20 head, 9 needles with sequin device.
  3. SWF 12 head, 9 needles with sequin device.

At present China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, the USA, the UK, and other country is trying to develop the embroidery machine feature. Singer, Butterfly, Brother, Melco, Tajima, Happy, JANOME, Sun Shine, Prodigi, etc are the most popular embroidery/sewing machine manufacturing brands.

So, choose your embroidery machine according to your demand.

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