List Of Tools For Pattern Making And Their Uses

Pattern Making (PM)

In the apparel industry; various types of tools and equipment are used for making apparel. In pattern making section, different tools and equipment are used for the manual pattern construction process.

Pattern Making

List of Tools and Equipment for Pattern Making (PM)

The following is the list of tools and equipment used for pattern making and their uses in apparel manufacturing. They are-

Working Surface

A flat working surface is required for pattern making. This surface should have a polished or laminated top.


White pattern paper or the strong brown paper is required for pattern making.


Hard pencils are used for drafting patterns and colored pencils are used for the outline.

Marker Pen

A marker pen is used for writing instructions.

Curved Rules (French Curves)

French curves are used for drawing long curves.


It is also useful for pattern making.


Compass is used to draw a circle.

Shears or Scissors

Scissors are used for pattern cutting.

Measuring Tape

It is used for measurement.

Rubbers, Scotch Tape, Scales are also used for pattern making.

So, there are lots of tools and instruments which are required for the manual pattern-making process.

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