Common Fabric Faults Found In Fabric Spreading

Fabric Spreading

Fabric spreading is the process of laying fabrics one over one on the fabric spreading table. Different yarn, knitting, woven, dyeing, or finishing faults appear on the fabrics. During spreading; the spreader should identify the faults.

Common Fabric Faults found In Fabric Spreading: Causes and Remedies

Following fabric, faults are found during fabric spreading. They are-


Slub is a yarn fault. It is occurred due to the wrong spinning process. But sometimes, slub yarn is used for fabric making that is not the fabric faults that is fashion. In that case, a slub is found after a defined interval.

Fly Yarn

Fly yarn is that which is found with the main yarn. It is a knitting or woven fault. So, the fabric manufacturing floor should keep clean.

End Out

It is a weaving fault. It occurs in weft yarn.

Double Yarn or Mixed Yarn

It is a weaving fault and it has occurred in the warp yarn direction.

Miss Pick

Due to the missing of the weft yarn in the fabric, a gap is created in the fabric. It is a weaving fault.


Shade variation is a major problem of fabric. It is a dyeing fault. In a fabric layer, the shade should be uniform.


Sometimes dye spots are found in the dyed fabric. It is a dyeing fault.


During carrying of fabric from one place to another place a problem could be found in the fabric that is stained. It is caused due to soil marks.

Crease Mark

Crease mark is a finishing fault.


It is a knitting fault.

So, when a fault is found in the fabric spreading, the spreader of the fabric should mark the faults. Otherwise, the fault of the fabric could be the cause of garment rejection. So, be careful about the fabric faults.

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