Objectives Of Marker Making Efficiency

What Is Marker?

Marker making is the next step in pattern grading. After pattern grading, the pattern of different parts of apparel is placed on the marker. That’s where the where the marker is placed on the fabric which will be cut for sewing.

A marker is a large, thin piece of paper that contains the required pattern pieces of various sizes for a particular style of apparel. Making markers is an important task because it determines the efficiency of a marker.

Objectives of Marker Making

Various objectives are gained by maker-making. The following are the objectives of marker-making:

  • Firstly, similarities among the apparels are gained by the marker-making.
  • Secondly, markers are essential for huge quantity cutting. It is used as the cutting guide for fabrics.
  • Thirdly, fabric wastages are minimized by using marker.
  • Lastly, it saves time and cost.

The Efficiency of Marker

It is the ratio between the area covered by pattern pieces and the total area of marker paper. It is expressed by %.


Marker Efficiency (ME)

: (Area covered by pattern pieces / Total area of marker paper) X 100

: (90 / 100) X 100

: 90%

This is a sample calculation; you can calculate maker efficiency by this method.

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