Scouring Process of Cotton Fabric in the Textile Industry

Scouring Process The scouring process uses to remove unwanted substances from a fabric or garment. Basically, natural fiber contains different impurities such as dust, oil, wax, and minerals substances. This impurity is harmful to the textile dyeing and printing process. Thereafter, these impurities need to remove from the raw fiber or fabrics before the wet … Read more

What Is Scouring | Important Objectives, Effects, and Methods Of Scouring

Scouring Scouring is the pretreatment process of wet processing technology. It is the first stage of pre-treatment consequently. Before dying or printing textile materials natural fibers must pass the scouring process. The scouring process bears great importance in wet processing undoubtedly. What is Scouring Scouring is the process by which natural (oil, wax, gum, fat, … Read more