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Principles Of Computerized Marker Making

Marker making is an essential task in apparel manufacturing. To make a marker, various techniques are applied on it. The efficiency of a marker depends on the arrangement of pattern on the marker

Types of marker Making: Marker can be made by two ways. They are-

  1. Manual marker making system
  2. Computerized marker making system

Principle of Computerized Marker Making System: The principles of computer maker making system are given below.

  • At first pattern need to make directly by CAD or Digitized System into computer.
  • Then, pattern grading is essential by CAD with the help of Grade Rules.
  • Then, for making marker need to fill up a sheet in the computer which contents.
  1. Marker Ratio: S: M: L: XL.
  2. Marker Width.
  3. 1 way or 2 way marker.
  4. Pattern to pattern distance (it depends on knife thickness).
  • On the computer screen, miniatures of the graded pattern are displayed graphically.
  • Finally, press auto button within few seconds marker will be made automatically by computer.
  • Once the marker is completed, a full scale marker is printed by ‘’ PLOTTER’’ on a long paper sheet.

In the modern times, various types of software are used for making a marker.

What Is Tight Marker? || Types And Uses Of Marker Plan

Tight Marker: The desired economical use of space by the pattern pieces in a marker is called tight marker, which utilizes the highest percentage of fabric. The efficiency of tight marker should be above 90%.

Types and Uses of Marker Plan: Types of marker plan are given below. They are-

  1. Half Garment Marker: This type of marker is used for mainly tubular knitted fabric.
  2. Whole/Full Garment Marker: This type of marker is mainly used for open width woven fabric.
  3. Single Size Marker: The maker which contain one size pattern that is called single size marker.
  4. Multi Size Marker: The marker which contain multi size pattern that is called multi size marker.

So, when you will make plan for the marker, you have to consider the above points.

Comparison Between Manual Marker Making And Computerized Marker Making System

Marker is a thin paper. Different pattern pieces are placed on the marker which is required for making a particular style of apparels.

  • Marker Efficiency: Marker efficiency is higher in computerized system than manual method.
  • Changing Scope: In manual method, once pattern is completed, it is impossible to re shaped but in computerized system it is easy to change the shape.
  • Time: Comparatively short time is required in computerized system than manual method.
  • Easy Copy: In computerized system, it is very easy to copy but in manual system it is very hard.
  • Re-arrange: In computerized system, pattern can be rearranged which designer wants but in manual system it is very hard to rearrange.
  • Cost: Initial cost in manual system is low but initial cost in computerized system is high.

Computerized marker making system is suitable than manual marker making system.