Functions Of Chemical and Auxiliaries In Wet Processing | List Of Textile Chemical and Auxiliaries

Chemical and Auxiliaries We know that dyes and chemicals are the main factors for producing color in yarn or fabric indeed. Different types of chemicals are used during dyeing. Generally, various chemicals are used in different stages of dyeing processing. In fact, every chemical has its own characteristics and they are used in different stages … Read more

Working Mechanisms of AHIBA NUANCE Sample Dyeing Machine

Sample Dyeing In the dyeing lab; a sample is developed for matching the shade with the standard swatch or Pantone number indeed which is given by the buyer. Therefore, after production, dyeing recipe samples are dyed in a sample dyeing machine. Additionally, in modern times AHIBA NUANCE sample dyeing machine is popular with the textile … Read more

Types, And Properties of Dyeing Machines

Dyeing Machines The dyeing machine is an important part of the dyeing process. So, it is a must to know about different types of dyeing machines and their properties. We know that; dyeing is a process of coloring textile materials to give a nice outlook to grey textile materials. By the reaction between dye solution … Read more