Sequence Of Stain Test To Identify The Textile Fibers

Stain Test The stain test is another chemical test for the fiber identification process. Besides, I have already written about the solubility test which is a chemical testing method. It is a textile fiber chemical test methods. This type of test shows the natural shades of the fiber. All the fibers do not have the … Read more

Procedure Of Drying Twist Test For Fiber Identification

Drying Twist Test Drying twist test is important to test for fiber identification. Here, textile fiber is identified by the direction of the twist. Fiber could be twisted in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. By observing the twist direction we can identify the fiber types. Procedure of Drying Twist Test: Here, I have given a … Read more

Procedure Of Solubility Test for Fiber Identification | Chemical Test

Solubility Test Fiber identification is a difficult task but if we know the characteristics of that fiber then it is easy to identify the fiber. Another thing is that, if anyone wants to know the name of an unknown fiber then what can we do? The simple answer is that we can carry out various … Read more